What Is Permanent Partial Disability?

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Permanent partial disability (PPD) refers to reaching maximum medical improvement (MMI) following a workplace injury where you can work in some capacity but cannot return to your pre-injury functionality. PPD could include the loss of a digit or limb, hearing and vision damage, and permanent scarring.

Were you or someone you love left unable to return to your previous job because of a workplace injury or illness? If you believe you qualify for PPD benefits, you do not have to fight for benefits alone. A workers’ compensation lawyer in your area can help you understand the application process and how long it can take for benefits to start. Finally, your lawyer will also ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

How do I Get an Accurate Disability Rating?

Getting your disability rating right is a critical part of your claim. The benefits you receive from your workers’ comp claim depend on your assigned disability rating. For example, you could qualify for a permanent partial disability if any of the following apply:

  • Your doctor placed restrictions on the type of work you can do (e.g., limitations on lifting, reaching, etc.)
  • Your condition causes chronic pain that does not favorably respond to prescribed treatment
  • You have full or partial loss of a limb or digit or the loss of its use
  • An injury-related diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Ensuring you receive an accurate rating can take time and effort. However, your workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure you receive a valid rating and help you appeal a disability rating that does not reflect your current condition.

How Are PPD Financial Benefits Calculated?

Because you can return to work with limitations, your employer could offer you a job with a lesser salary than you previously earned. In addition, the financial compensation you receive from workers’ comp will reflect the difference between your previous and current rate of pay. In South Carolina, S.C. Ann. § 42-9-20 sets the payment at two-thirds of the differential.

How long you receive these benefits depends on whether your injury is on your state’s schedule of losses. The doctor who evaluates your condition will determine how many weeks you qualify for benefits. However, your lawyer can help you fight for an accurate description of your injury and ensure you receive benefits for the appropriate period.

When Will I Start Getting Monthly Financial Compensation?

If you were injured at work but can return to work within a week of the accident, you will not qualify for financial compensation. However, the application process and compiling the necessary medical proof of your injury can take time.

Once your employer’s insurance company approves your application, you can generally expect to start receiving benefits within 14 days. Those benefits can help you support yourself and your family when you cannot work.

You are entitled to these benefits once your employer accepts your application. However, if you believe a delay to your weekly benefits was without due cause, an attorney can help you fight to receive them.

How Long Will I Receive Medical Care?

Your benefits for an injury that occurred at work should include medical care until you fully recover. Unfortunately, in some cases, an injured worker may never fully recover. Your physician will determine the following:

  • What constitutes MMI in your case
  • When you have achieved MMI

Recovery and required medical care will vary significantly based on your injury’s severity, progress rate, and treatment plan. However, you are entitled to all necessary medical care for the duration of your recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

You do not have to navigate the workers’ comp process without legal guidance and support. The benefits and advantages of working with a lawyer in your area include the following:

  • Guidance when your employer refuses to report your injury
  • Help hold your employer accountable for retaliatory actions
  • Explaining your options if your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance
  • Proving the cause and resulting costs of your workplace injury
  • Ensuring you get the medical care required for your injuries
  • Assistance filing an appeal if your employer denied your application

The application or appeals process can be complex and challenging. So, one of the primary benefits of working with a workers’ comp attorney is the ongoing support you receive.

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If you suffered a disabling injury that you believe qualifies you for PPD benefits under workers’ compensation, we could help you secure the benefits you deserve. Our workers’ comp lawyer will help you document your current medical condition and apply for appropriate medical care and monetary compensation.

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