Press Release: Attorney Bennett Schiller Inducted as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Beaufort Jasper YMCA

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For Immediate Release:

March 27th, 2020

The Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm is happy to announce that Bennett Schiller has been inducted to the Beaufort Jasper YMCA as the Chairman of the Board.

Bennett Schiller is excited to give back to the Beaufort Jasper community. Each year, the Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm sponsors the YMCA Beach Ball Fundraiser in Beaufort and is proud to support other local organizations, including Beaufort Charities such as the Beaufort chapter of Bikers against Bullies, to give back to the community that they serve. Schiller & Hamilton also supports local events, such as the Annual Beaufort River Swim, Come See Me Festival in Rock Hill, and Old Town Rock Hill Christmasville celebration.

How the Beaufort Jasper YMCA Enriches the Community

The Beaufort Jasper YMCA opened in 1996 and gives back to the community in multiple ways. The YMCA offers many activities for members to engage in, including youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility opportunities. The YMCA prides itself on being inclusive to all individuals regardless of race, income, or ability.

The YMCA fosters the community by offering preschool, daycare, and summer camp programs. The Beaufort Jasper YMCA also engages in many volunteering opportunities, such as partnership projects with the Bridges Preparatory Charter School and with United Way.

The Beaufort Jasper YMCA also offers many athletic opportunities for all of its members, including swimming lessons, fitness classes, and massage therapy. Children and adults can also engage in team sports where they can socialize and exercise with the local community.

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